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Yup, There's Finally a Mobile Version of Score for Score!

Yup, There's Finally a Mobile Version of Score for Score!

by Brina Aug. 21, 2019

Based on the numbers I get from Google Analytics, I’m guessing about half of you are reading this on your phone. If you’re one of those people, you may have already noticed my exciting new surprise: there is now a mobile version of the Score for Score website!

In particular, I’ve made some changes so that the menu no longer takes up over half of the page. Instead, you can click the three bars at the top to pull down a mobile version of the menu. (Fun fact: that style of menu is known as a hamburger menu!) The page content will also be wider on a mobile screen.

I know the user experience still leaves a lot to be desired when you’re on your phone, but hopefully this is a good first step. I still think the site works better on a desktop, and I still recommend that you use a computer if you’re planning to spend a lot of time with the Team Tester or the Score Selector. But given that this is the first real website I've ever created - and that I built it from scratch - I'm pretty excited that I got this to work :)

What else would you all like to see improved? Let me know in the comments or @scoreforscore on Twitter!

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