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An Ode to MG Elite Wrists

An Ode to MG Elite Wrists

by Brina Oct. 8, 2018

There are a lot of things you can say about MG Elite, but there's one thing everyone can agree on: you can always recognize one of Maggie's girls.

Part of it is the choreography. Maggie has said that she loves choreographing because she gets to pick a routine that suits each gymnast's personality. So all of her gymnasts must have really similar personalities.

Part of it is the bar routine construction. If a gymnast does a Tkatchev variation, kip, Tkatchev variation, kip, Tkatchev variation, you know what gym she's from.

Part of it is also the compulsories-era level of execution, with toe point and extension to die for.

But there's one thing that stands out more than anything else: MG Elite wrists.

Laurie Hernandez.

Riley McCusker.

Olivia Greaves.

Zoe Gravier.

They all do it. Wrists bent to put the hands perpendicular to the forearm. Pointer finger flexed out with the rest extended in. Thumb being weird. All of it being weird.

The best (worst?) is Jazmyn Foberg. She switched to MG Elite in 2013, and left in 2017 for Florida. Here she is before, during, and after her time there.

There you have it. MG Elite wrists. Unmistakable.

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